LaunchPad Kite Bag (Blemish)
LaunchPad Kite Bag (Blemish)
LaunchPad Kite Bag (Blemish)
LaunchPad Kite Bag (Blemish)
LaunchPad Kite Bag (Blemish)

LaunchPad Kite Bag (Blemish)

Serious about kites? You need one of these.
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These LaunchPad bags are being offered at a discount because they have minor cosmetic blemishes, but they will perform just as well as any “A” quality bag sold elsewhere on our site. Cosmetic defects might include:

  • Small imperfections in mesh
  • Stains from production machinery
  • Worn spots on edge binding
  • Needle holes from corrected stitching
Aside from their cosmetic issues, these bags are ready to use and come with all accessories included. Bargain Bin products are sold as-is and are not eligible for warranty or return. Product may be marked with a “Cosmetic Blemish” stamp.

Limit one per customer

The new LaunchPad kite bag is our most versatile bag ever, built by pros for the demands of our work. And after 30 years in the kite biz we’ve learned a few things about traveling with kites.

Whether it’s a quick R&D session at our local field or a festival tour to the other side of the world this amazingly expandable bag keeps our gear safe and secure, with room for spare parts, linesets, tools and whatever else needs to come along for a flight.

  • Dedicated pockets for 9 kites and 8 linsets, with capacity for 20+ kites fully loaded.
  • Rolls up at full length, half length, or anything in between.
  • Detachable ground cloth so you can go fast and light with just a few kites rolled in the exterior shell.
  • Mesh pockets drain sand so you don’t bring home the beach.
  • Rugged, padded outer shell protects your collection from the elements and airline baggage belts.
  • Contoured, grippy shoulder strap for a comfortable carry.
  • Fits odd-shaped items too, like soft kites and hoop winders.
  • Zippered internal pouch for small items, accessible without unrolling the bag.
  • Oversized buckles and premium webbing for long life.
  • No dangling straps- strap ends hook in securely through the full capacity range.