Different colored Quantum sport kites placed side by side to fill the imageDifferent colored Quantum sport kites placed side by side to fill the image

Colorway Design Contest

We have a lot of fun coming up with ideas for new kite colorways each year, but this time around we thought it would be exciting to invite our fliers to take part in the process too. Now you have the chance to design a Quantum that will be sold in kite shops all over the world next summer, and if your colorway is chosen we'll reward you with a free kite in your design! Here are the basics of how the contest works:

How to Participate

  • Use the colorizer below to create your own custom Quantum 2.0 colorway. Make and save as many designs as you want.
  • Submit your best colorway design using the form below by November 24th. Only 1 entry per person!
  • When the submission window is over, come back to vote for your favorite designs. Don’t worry - we’ll send you a reminder when it's time!

How You Can Win

The design that gets the most votes will go into production to be sold online and in stores (late spring 2023), and the flier who created it will win a free Quantum 2.0 in their custom design!

The other top-voted designs will be made available to retailers looking to order custom colorways for their shops. If a retailer chooses your design to be produced, we’ll reward you with a free kite in your colorway!

Get Started Here 👇

Choose colors for each kite panel using the dropdown menus below. When you're ready to save your design, click the download button to save a copy to your computer or smart phone.

Quantum 2.0 Colorizer

Quantum 2.0 Colorizer

Submit your Design

The submission period has ended. Still want to help choose our winning design? Sign up using this form and we'll email you when it's time to come back and vote for your favorites.

Get the vote out!

The finalist voting gallery is now live! Click the link below to browse the top 15 designs and vote for your favorites. The final round of voting ends Friday, December 16th, so don’t delay!

Help US Choose a winner NOW!


Unfortunately no. Colorways can only be produced in large batches, so we cannot offer custom orders to individuals.

Vote for any design you think deserves a chance to go into production (not just your own!). You can vote for as many different designs as you want, but you can vote for each design only once.

It will likely take several months before the winning design comes out of production and is ready to buy. We plan to order factory samples in December, and will likely see the final products arrive in stores late spring or early summer (May/June) 2023. We can't rule out the possibility of production delays along the way, but we'll do our best to keep you updated as to when these are expected to be available.

We recommend joining our largest and most active Facebook group, Prism Kite Fliers, if you'd like to share your designs or talk to other fliers about this contest. It's a very active group of fliers who love to get excited about flying, and it's definitely worth checking out. Just make sure to upload your design before you share it on social media, or someone else might claim it first!

If you are having trouble creating or downloading your design, try again using a different browser or device. If you are still having trouble, email us at info@prismkites.com and we'll be happy to do what we can to help.

The Fine Print

Our main goal with this project is to have fun and work with our fliers to make something cool - we really hope that you’ll enjoy your time in the designer’s chair! When it comes to public involvement in a project like this, there are a few things we need to mention to keep everything above board though:

We reserve the right to adjust the rules or format of this design contest as we go. We’ve never done a project like this before, so we may need to tweak some things along the way.

Making or submitting a design to this contest doesn’t confer ownership of that design to you. We aren’t planning to steal anyone’s ideas, but just know that you aren’t creating protected intellectual property when participating in this project.

There are a lot of weird little things involved in bringing a new colorway to market that we aren’t fully able to quantify for you here. As we start working toward manufacturing the winning design(s), it’s possible that we’ll need to make some changes to the final product in order to keep production moving forward. Our goal is to deliver the winning design as faithfully as possible though, and we’ll do our best to communicate any necessary changes.