Kite Repair

If you should damage your kite while hard at play, don’t despair! There’s almost nothing that can’t be fixed on a sport kite, and usually you can do it yourself In a few minutes or less.

If you break a spar, you can order a replacement and replace it yourself. Most sail tears can be patched strong as new with our near-invisible Tedlar repair tape. This material has an ultra- strong adhesive that resists the effects of the sun for the life of your sail.

Gregg and Amanda setting up a Bora above Scolia Pass, Alaska

Sail Repair

Your sail will last a long time unless you like to fly near cactus or barbed wire fences. Tears can also happen during assembly or disassembly if a spar slips in your hands.

Using Tedlar Tape

Tedlar can be used on tears in both cloth and Mylar sail panels.

How to Repair a Kite Sail

Most tears and punctures can be invisibly repaired using a special transparent adhesive film called Tedlar, which sticks to the back of the sail and is unaffected by moisture or UV from the sun. Tedlar repair tape is available from the spare parts section of our website.

If your repair requires sewing, remove the frame from the kite and send us just the sail so we can get you a quote and take care of it for you. There are very few mishaps that can’t be effectively fixed by our talented in-house repair team. To send in a repair, download our repair form and include it with your sail so we know who you are and how we can help

Replacing a Kite Spar

The carbon spars in your kite won’t fatigue with use, but occasionally you may break one learning new tricks or pushing limits in high winds.

Replacing a spar is quick and easy and many pilots carry a few extras when traveling just in case. Spare frame parts for all Prism kites are available in Replacement Parts.

If you need a quick reference for the name of the part, download our parts name diagram.

  • When removing a broken spar, handle it carefully to avoid getting sharp carbon or fiberglass splinters in your hands.
  • As you install the new one, check that fittings and bridles are symmetrical with the other side so your kite stays properly balanced.

We suggest that you purchase genuine Prism parts designed for your kite rather than making them yourself from raw rods, as many of our frames have hidden reinforcements and engineering details that make them stronger than a simple tube or rod.

Should you have an incident that requires professional attention, we’re here to help. We do our repairs to the same high standards that we build our kites, and we seldom encounter a problem that can’t be fixed.

How to Use Tedlar Tape

The best way to apply a Tedlar patch is to first align the tear using some masking tape on the front side of the sail.

Tip: It helps to slightly round the corners of your patch to keep them from peeling up over time.

  1. smooth as many wrinkles and bubbles as you can
  2. apply the Tedlar patch to the back side of the sail
  3. remove the masking tape, and you’re done

For a stronger repair, place the Tedlar patch on the front and back of the sail.

If your tear is up against a reinforcement such as the nose or the trailing edge of the kite, your kite may require some sewing work to make the strongest repair.

To send a kite to us for sewing work, remove the frame and send the sail only to us along with a repair form.

Sending in Repairs

  1. Print out a copy of our Repair Form and fill it in completely. Include it with the kite when you send it in so we know who you are and how we can help.
  2. If at all possible, remove the frame from your kite and send us just the sail. This speeds up the repair process and saves on shipping costs.
  3. We’ll assess the problem and get you back in the air as quick as we can. In the rare instance that your sail is beyond repair, we can often find you a good deal on a replacement from our demo inventory.

Ship your kite to us at our Seattle headquarters:

Prism Designs, Inc.
Attn: Repairs

4214 24th Ave West
Seattle, WA 98199