Sport Kites

Prism dual–line sport kites are coveted worldwide as the gold standard for design, quality and performance.

Not the static, one–line kites you played with as a kid, dual–line sport kites are completely maneuverable by pulling on one line or the other, allowing fingertip control and high speed aerobatics. These high–tech performance machines combine materials such as carbon fiber, Spectra and Mylar laminates with sophisticated wing shaping to provide unmatched fun and challenge. With framed and soft-winged models for beginners to models worthy of world–level competitors you’ll find the perfect combination of lift, speed, durability and response for your needs. We even make a sport kite so light you can fly it indoors in no wind at all!

Power Kites

Power kites are all about wind–powered thrills on land. Based upon paraglider technology, these all–fabric wings self-inflate as they fly. With sail areas between 2.5 and 5 square meters, they deliver maximum pull for anyone looking for a rush. 

With a three–wheeled buggy, skis, snowboard, or just the soles of your shoes, our Snapshot 2.5 and Tensor series can be flown with two or four lines. Choose a control bar for simplicity or quad handles for precise control over power and acceleration.

Trainer Kites

For anyone interested in kiteboarding or traction kiting, a smaller kite with two–line bar control will teach you basic kite handling skills before you take on the pull of a full-sized water or land traction kite. Trainer kites are a thrill for anyone in stronger winds, delivering impressive speed and more than enough pull to take you down the beach with an adrenaline-stoked grin.

Our Tantrum parafoil kites come ready to fly with
a nicely–designed control bar, safety leash, high performance Dyneema lines and a host of design
features to make your introduction to kite power
simple, safe and fun. 


Our single line kites are as simple and playful as childhood, with a performance pedigree.

We’ve melded familiar and brand-new silhouettes with high–tech materials to provide you with unmatched, carefree fun. With our single–line kites you can tie the line off to your big toe and enjoy a catatonic afternoon of lounging in the sun, or send them tumbling and cartwheeling through the sky for more aerobatic enjoyment — all for about the cost of two movie tickets.

For old and young, our single line kites are about laid–back play and togetherness; a chance to rediscover what’s important by sharing a moment in the sky.


We put as much care into the design of our packaging and accessories as we do into the kites themselves, so you can celebrate your time in the sky rather than fussing with mediocre gear. And once you catch the kiting bug, we build a wide range of cool accessories to help you fly higher, farther, faster, and lighter. Check them out in our online store.