Neutrino (Blemish)
Neutrino (Blemish)
Neutrino (Blemish)
Stack of three Neutrinos on white background
Neutrino (Blemish)
Neutrino (Blemish)
Neutrino (Blemish)
Three Neutrinos grouped on pebbly beach
Stack of 6 Neutrinos in flight
Stack of 6 Neutrinos flying over water
Close up showing Neutrino stack line connection
Close up of Neutrino snap-on tail attachment
Detail shot of one-handed Neutrino controls
Neutrino bag rolled up, clipped to hip
Three Neutrinos in storage bags
Neutrino package with kite, flying lines, and tail
A diagram illustrating the size of the Neutrino in comparison to a 5 foot 9 inch tall man.

Neutrino (Blemish)

Super fast, super responsive, super fun!
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These kites are being offered at a discount because they have minor cosmetic blemishes, but they will perform just as well as any “A” quality kite sold elsewhere on our site. Cosmetic defects might include:

  • Imperfect stitching that does not meet our visual standards, but will not impact performance.
  • Missing or misaligned screen printing on the kite’s sail.
  • Other minor cosmetic issues that do not impede the use of the kite.
Aside from their cosmetic issues, these kites are ready to fly and come with all accessories. Printed instructions may not be included, but product manuals are available online through our Flight Center. Bargain Bin products are sold as-is and are not eligible for warranty or return. Product may be marked with a “Cosmetic Blemish” stamp.

There’s a new little speed demon on this side of the galaxy! The all-new Neutrino is super quick and super responsive – a twitch of the fingertip is all it takes for radically fast loops and spins as it rips through the sky. It’s a clean sheet redesign of the world famous Micron, with a bunch of new features for all kinds of new fun.

Snap on the long streamer tail to trace your acrobatics in the sky. Ready for an extra challenge? Try flying single-handed with the dual-purpose winder/control handle. Can you fly one kite in each hand?

When you really want to impress a crowd, clip two, three or more Neutrinos together in a synchronized stack. Individual stacker kites are available ready to go with no stack lines to tie, and there’s even a custom storage bag available to store your stack fully assembled for quick launch when the time is right.

The Neutrino loves moderate to strong winds. Comes ready to fly with Dyneema flying lines, finger straps, winder / control handle, 30 foot snap-on streamer tail, travel sleeve and instructions. Additional stacker kites are sold separately.