Best All-Around
Quantum 2.0

Tough and resilient for beginners, but with enough performance to keep up with even the most experienced fliers. If there's only room for one framed dual-line kite in your collection, it should be a Quantum.

Portable Reliability
Vertex Diamond

A classic design that packs up small so you can take it along on all your adventures. Stable, reliable flight even in fluky winds. Extra parts included in the bag so you can keep flying even if something goes wrong.

Resilient & easy-to-fly
Synapse Foils

With no hard parts to assemble or lose, our Synapse foils are ultra portable and perfect for beginners - crash over & over and it'll bounce right back, ready for more!

Outstanding Stability
Zenith 5

An easy-to-fly design with best in class flight performance in a variety of wind conditions. Bright colors and the ability to add extra tails make it a guaranteed show-stopper.

Behind the Scenes

Discover more about the art, science, and history behind the most trusted name in kiting. There's more to it than you might think!

Cool Materials

We're a long way beyond the craft paper kites we made as kids. Take a look at how we use modern materials to give our products a performance edge.

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Design Matters

Discover how every decision - from sail material and stitching patterns to fitting design and frame composition - plays an important role in the personality of our kites.

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Our Story

Part of designing the future of kiting is remembering how it all started. Explore how we got our start and grew into one of the most respected names in the industry.

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