Kites, reimagined

A Tantrum 220 takes flight against the north face of Denali, Alaska

Kites, reimagined


Glide in the faintest breeze. Rein in a honkin’ blow, or let your feet lay tracks in the sand. Dance in the sky and leave gravity behind. Take flight.

Start with simple


Easy and playful, with a performance pedigree

Carve up the sky


Steer through the wind with an all fabric wing and two-line control.

Challenge yourself


Master two-line control and high- speed aerobatics.

Harness the wind


Pull yourself across land or snow

Fly prepared


For the well-equipped kite pilot

Fix anything


A full selection of replacement parts

See them fly

A slideshow of Prism kites in action

Prism Kites Nexus 5-stack stunt sport kites flies dripping out of the water

A Nexus 5-stack takes a quick dip on the Florida coast. Photo: Ron Kramer

Two people flying a Prism Kites Bora 7 single line kite in a mountain pass

Gregg and Amanda launch a Bora 7 in Skolai Pass. Wrangell Mountains, Alaska

A man draws spirals in the sky with a Prism Quantum stunt sport kite and a 75 foot tube tail

Justin traces calligraphy in the sky with his Quantum and a 75-foot tube tail

A man flying a Prism Kites Tensor 4.2 quad-line parafoil power traction kite on a very windy beach

Greg digs in and holds on for a full-body workout with a Tensor 4.2 in blustery trade winds. Kauai, Hawaii

A boy flies and dances with a Prism kites EO Atom single line kite on an empty beach

Paul dances with an EO Atom when nothing else will fly at Copalis Beach, Washington coast

A man flying a Prism Kites Quantum sport stunt kite in front of a tree and sagebrush covered in frost

Passing through Idaho, Mark takes a break with the Quantum on a cold frosty morning. Photo: Daniel Beltra

A woman flies a Prism kites Stowaway Parafoil single line kite in front of a glacier in Alaska

Chris gets a once-in-a-lifetime chance to fly over icebergs after a long hike to the foot of the Nizina Glacier. Wrangell St. Elias Range, Alaska

Three Prism Kites EO Atom single line kites flying in a train over the surf on Kauai, Hawaii

Three kites on one line having a pretty good time. EO Atoms looking for whales at sunset off Kauai.

A woman runs with a Prism Kites Bora 7 single line kite near Chitistone Pass in Alaska

Amanda takes her favorite Bora 7 for a run under the sheer cliffs near Chitistone Pass, Alaska

A man flying a Prism Kites Zephyr stunt sport kite in a field of tall grass with water and mountains in the background

A perfect spot for skimming the grass with a fine view to the Olympic Mountains. San Juan Island, WA

A man flying a Prism Kites Tensor 3.1 ram-foil parafoil power traction kite on a beach in Oregon

Brent tests the wind with a Tensor 3.1 on the Oregon coast

Four people fly Prism Kites Bora and Pica single line kites on a cliff high above a river valley in the Wrangell mountains in Alaska

It was hard to find wind early in the morning but the view was sure worth it. Messing around with kites 4000 feet above the Chitistone River near McCarthy, Alaska

A 2 year-old girl holds a Prism Kites EO Atom single line kite over her head

Rachel thinks the EO Atom is super fun, especially since it pops open ready to fly.

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