Two people flying single-line kites on a rocky beach

Our Crew

Making the coolest kites on the planet is a fun job, and somebody’s gotta do it.

It’s all Mark’s fault. If there’s a kite in your hands with our logo on it, it’s a product of his unique brand of creative obsession. Of course, he would say it’s all Steve’s fault for giving him that first kite back in college. Either way, Mark makes our best ideas fly.

Justin launching a Zero G glider kite
Has it built right

If your kite is perfect, that’s Justin’s fault. He lives and breathes production. Accurate, consistent, repeatable, on time. Manufacturing is not for the timid and Justin is unafraid. Which in an odd way kind of explains his neon green convertible Thing, his backcountry motorcycle habit, and his weekly adventures diving with the cold undersea creatures in Puget Sound.

Keeping us on track

Sandy knows what’s going on. She knows the metrics and the matrices, the numbers and the order of all things. She’s the glue that keeps the business from flying into a million bitty pieces and steers us competently through the air. She’s shy and doesn’t like us talking about her much. We love her so.

Portrait photo of sales manager Sandy, entering orders
Portrait photo of customer service manger, Keegan, carrying kites
Supporting Our Flyers

You’ve got questions, he’s got answers. Everyone needs a little help now and again, and when it’s your turn we’ve got Keegan standing by to lend a hand. With countless hours spent flying our kites, he’s been there, he’s done that, and whatever goes wrong he can help get things back on track.

Packed with Care

When you place an order online, Anna’s the person on the other end making sure it gets where it needs to go. 10x more organized than the rest of us put together, it’s thanks to her our customers know they’ll always be able to get what they need, when they need it. If ever there was a shipping all-star, it’s Anna!

Portrait photo of shipping clerk Anna in warehouse
Portrait photo of warehouse manager, Jason, packing orders
Supply Chain Mastermind

He’s the man behind the curtain, pulling the levers and pushing the buttons that ensure you can find our products in kite shops all over the world. The rest of us don’t really know how any of it works, but he seems to know what he’s doing. We humbly place our trust in Jason.

Behind the Scenes

He’s the guy in our development workshop who turns crazy ideas into real things we can test. With a lifetime of experience building kites and things that fly he crafts our prototypes with love and precision. Somehow it never bothers him that they’ll be crashed, torn, stretched, cut apart and ultimately recycled as we obsess over making every new product as great as it can be.

A man making a sport kite in a bright white sewing studio