A pile of filmstrips showing a man flying a kite

Video Resources

Sometimes video tells the story best. We've got you covered with the training courses, product demos, and handling tips you need to get the most out of your kite.

Dual-Line Basics

Way to Fly Series

Originally released in 1996, our Way to Fly training series covers a wide range of topics aimed at new fliers overlaid with a little 90’s era nostalgia. Start with the original Way to Fly for a primer on kite setup, choosing a flying space, and basic controls. When you’re ready, The Advanced Way to Fly continues with a wide range of impressive tricks guaranteed to keep you on your toes.

Trick Flying Masterclass

Freestyle Pilot

A more modern take on trick flying how-to, our Freestyle Pilot video revists the basics before expanding into an even larger catalog of advanced freestyle tricks than our previous series. Step-by-step instructions and slow motion detail of all the handwork involved put learning even the most complicated tricks within your grasp.

Get Inspired!

See Our Kites In Action

Check out videos of our kites in flight to learn about the unique flying experience each one offers.

How-to Demos

Assembly & Care

A collection of how-to videos to help keep your kite in top shape including repairs, flying line management, and kite storage tips.