Bora 7 Frost on white background
Bora 7 Jade on white background
Bora 7 Blaze on white background
Three boras in packaging on white background
The Bora 7 parafoils flying in a group
Bora 7 Jade begin launched in Alaska
Two Bora 7 parafoils being flown in Alaska
Bora 7

Bora 7

Mark your spot with a long flowing tail
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The Bora is an easy-to-fly soft foil that flies straight from your hand and stuffs into a lunchbox or backpack when you’re done. Perfect for hanging out in Antarctica, the South Pacific, or your local park. The long flowing tail ensures you’ll be seen from a mile away.

The Bora is easy to handle and quick to launch. Just attach the string and let the wind fill the sail – there’s nothing to put together with no parts to lose.

Hold on in a breeze! The seven square foot sail has a solid pull and can lift small objects like a GoPro camera or some tube tails attached to the line.

The Bora 7 flies best in moderate winds but with no frame to it can handle stronger winds too. Comes with braided flying line on an easy-to-use hoop winder.

    Customer Reviews

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    Jeff Strout
    Ready to go Bora 7

    I received my Bora 7 a little while ago. What a wonderful Kite. Has quickly become my carry anywhere kite. So easy to pull out and fly almost anywhere! Thanks

    Crazy wind day

    We received the Bora 2 as a gift and take it whenever we hit the beach in the PNW. Today was a crazy wind day 15 mph with lots of unpredictable guts. It popped right up and was fun as usual. All surrounding kites were rapidly biting the dust, but the Bora 2 kept flying (albeit crazy at times, but flying).

    The easiest and most fun

    We live in an area with gusty, inconsistent wind, and we've had the most success with this kite. We have about 10 kites, and this model is the easiest to keep up and most forgiving when there's not a steady breeze. And it's a piece of cake to wrap up when you're done - no frame to worry about. Just a great kite.

    Brushy Bill
    Beautiful Kite

    Ordered it with Zenith 7.
    The Jade, Bora7 flew great. Amazing quality.
    It is just beautiful in the wind.
    If you like flying kites, you will not regret this purchase.

    Large beautiful kite

    I always get compliments when flying. The material is super easy to clean if it gets dirty. Very long tail. Super easy to fly. Flown the kite many many times and it is still in great condition considering sand, water, and sun exposure.