Citrus Hypnotist stunt kite on white background
Fire Hypnotist stunt kite on white background
Citrus Hypnotist being flown in open field
Close-up of Hypnotist center t
Close-up of Hypnotist Kinetic Dissipator
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Close-up of Hypnotist ferrule
Three Hypnotist kites in storage bags
A diagram illustrating the size of the Hypnotist in comparison to a 5 foot 9 inch tall man.


The gateway to advanced freestyle tricks
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High performance wing shape, durable frame. The Hypnotist combines the best of both for learning new tricks and everyday fun.

We combined the wing geometry of the competition-level Quantum Pro with the bulletproof frame design of the Quantum to create a performance hybrid with the balance of a competition kite but the durability to handle all the abuse you can dish out while you learn.

The impressive 8-foot wingspan makes it precise and forgiving, while its higher aspect ratio handles the latest freestyle moves like yo-yos with ease. Flies best in moderate wind.

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    Hypnotizing Sky Candy

    The Prism Hypnotist is a dual-line stunt kite that is perfect for both beginners and experienced pilots alike. It has a large, forgiving wingspan and a durable frame, making it easy to fly and resistant to crashes. The Hypnotist is also capable of performing a wide range of tricks, from basic loops and rolls to more advanced maneuvers such as the infinity spin and the backspin. compared to the Quantum 2.0 yo-yos are a little easier.
    One of the things that sets the Hypnotist apart from other stunt kites is its balance. It is very easy to keep the kite in the air and stable, even in strong winds. This makes it a great choice for beginners who are still learning the basics of kite flying.

    Another great thing about the Hypnotist is its versatility. It can be flown in a wide range of wind conditions, from light breezes to strong winds. This makes it a great kite for flying year-round.

    Overall, the Prism Hypnotist is a great stunt kite for all skill levels. It is durable, easy to fly, and capable of performing a wide range of tricks. If you are looking for a stunt kite that you can enjoy for years to come, the Hypnotist is a great option.


    Durable frame
    Large, forgiving wingspan
    Easy to fly
    Capable of performing a wide range of tricks
    Versatile and can be flown in a wide range of wind conditions

    Can be expensive
    Requires some wind to fly
    Attracts a lot of people

    The Precision Flyer

    So I am comparing this kite to the Quantum 2.0 after flying the Quantum for a month straight every single day.
    First off it is worth the money it comes with thick wrapped Carbon tubes so this kite feels more solid, very ridgid feel, not as much flex as the quatum. It seems smaller than the Quantum at first but it does have a longer wingspan if anything it is skinnier. This thing can catch very light winds but handles great in strong wind, it is a slower turner. I noticed the Quantum can climb a bit quicker however. Also this thing does require a bit more steady wind, its a tiny bit harder to land than the Quantum.
    I would recommend this kite for sure. Also carries kite tails like nothing.
    Hypno comes with a way better bag, with a zipper instead of a button. i ripped my Quantum bag after the 3rd day.

    Diane T
    A joy to fly

    Finally had enough wind to get the new Hypnotist out. Great to fly! Variable winds from 4-8 with some gusts, so I used the shorter lighter line. I was able to keep it flying much longer in the very light winds then other smaller kites (except for the 4D Superlight). Looking forward to getting a wind that is steady enough to add a tail. Will be fun to practice with this one.

    Kennedy Robinson
    Old School

    I'm an old school "Peter Powell" flyer from the 80's. Bought a beach front condo a couple years ago in N. Myrtle S.C. and got the ich to "Fly" kites again. With Powell gone, based on my experience, the guys at "Klig Kites" recommended a Hypnotist w/75ft tail. Great Kite, a lot of fun, got some of my diamond kite tricks back. Perfect fit, goanna go tandem this year.

    Kevin Jones
    Old faithful.

    I've been flying a Hypnotist for a long time. I have several and one always goes with me when I think I'll get a chance to fly. It's very durable, forgiving and can perform most if not all advance tricks. If your thing is wowing a crowd add a 75' tube tail and listen to the ohs and ahs. If I had to pic one kite ( like I did when I had limited kite budget) I pick a Hypnotist. I've been flying stunt kites for 20 years and I've had a Hypnotist most of those years. I have many other Prism kites I like but the Hypnotist probably has the most hours on it.