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Jazz 2.0
A diagram illustrating the size of the Jazz 2.0 in comparison to a 5 foot 9 inch tall man.

Jazz 2.0

Sturdy, packable, and a blast to fly
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Simple. Tough. Flies great. Keep it in the car, in your suitcase, strapped to your bike… because you never know when you’ll get the urge to fly. We made the Jazz extra durable for beginners. It’s a zippy little wing, but stable and easy to control. When you crash, the Jazz can take the hits with a sturdy hybrid carbon/glass frame and Vectran reinforced nose.

Folds down to 26.” Totally packable. Flies best in moderate to strong breeze but beware: When the wind picks up it turns into a speed demon and you’ll need to be on your game to keep up!

Comes with braided polyester flying lines, winder, Equalizer adjustable flight straps and our detailed sport kite guide. Quick-start instructions are printed right on the sleeve where they can’t get lost.

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    the mini Hypnotist

    Prism Jazz 2.0 Kite Review

    The Prism Jazz 2.0 is a dual-line foil kite that is perfect for beginners and intermediate kite flyers alike. It is known for its durability, agility, and ease of flight.
    Design and Construction
    The Jazz 2.0 is made with a hybrid carbon/glass frame and reinforced nose, making it very durable. It can withstand crashes and strong winds without any problems. The kite is also very lightweight and easy to transport, making it ideal for taking with you on the go. This was the kite that started everything for me.

    The Jazz 2.0 is a very versatile kite. It flies well in a wide range of wind speeds, from 5 mph to 25 mph perfect is 14-15mph. It is also very agile and responsive to steering input. This makes it a great kite for performing tricks and stunts. AND IT IS FAST!
    Ease of Flight
    The Jazz 2.0 is very easy to fly, even for beginners. It is stable and predictable in the air, and it is easy to control. The kite also comes with clear and easy-to-follow instructions.
    The Jazz is an excellent kite for all skill levels. It is durable, agile, and easy to fly. It is also very affordable, making it a great value for your money.


    Durable to an extent, ive blown out tubes from crashing but i was learning.
    Easy to fly
    Stand offs can snap so buy some extra. also a set of leading edges thats what usually goes first.

    Another Excellent Kite

    This is my third Prism kite, and just like the others, I absolutely love it. I ended up using the 100 pound, 65 foot Dyneema line with it instead of the included polyester line, (I prefer Dyneema) and it is a very responsive and versatile little kite.

    I did not know what to expect with the Jazz 2.0, as I learned to fly using the 7 foot Quantum 2.0 which pulls very hard and responds deliberately and powerfully, and I’ve been spending a ton of time with the very light and very agile Nexus 2.0 which flies very quickly and aggressively with a lot of intensity- the Jazz 2.0 really sits in a sweet spot because it flies plenty aggressively and fast without the heavy pull of the Quantum 2.0, and it doesn’t react as aggressively as the Nexus 2.0. It’s got plenty of pull and it’s very agile, as well as being very easy to fly in a straight line and control when turning. I’ve found it to be a very nice addition to my ever-growing collection of Prism kites and I greatly enjoy flying it!

    Mau de la Garza
    Best for beginners

    The Jazz was my first dual line kite, it is perfect for beginners because it can handle crashes that are inevitable when you are learning to fly. It flys best on moderate to strong winds.
    I am impressed with the quality and design of the prism kites.
    It needs wide open beaches with few people, it can be an issue to fly when the beach is crowded.
    This kite is small and packable for traveling and flying whenever you find open spaces with steady winds.
    I got hooked with this beautiful hobbie instantly, it’s not hard to learn, you just need a couple of hours to get the feel of the tension pulling the kite.
    I would recommend it to anyone interested in learning kite flying.

    Jazz is a gem

    The Jazz is truly fantastic, fun and fast. Also nice and durable so i can practice tricks with confidence. I wouldn't hesitate to buy more and i own 2 already!

    Kyle F.
    Great beginner friendly kite!

    This kite has been used to teach many new flyers how to handle a dual line kite. It is such a great flying kite, very tame but still entertaining to fly.