Nexus 2.0
Graphite Nexus 2.0 with bag and lines
Spectrum Nexus 2.0 with bag and lines
Detail shot of Nexus 2.0 sail
Close-up of Nexus 2.0 Ferrule
Spectrum Nexus 2.0 on the beach
Nexus 2.0 packaging with line storage pocket
Nexus 2.0 bag rolled up
Nexus 2.0
A diagram illustrating the size of the Nexus 2.0 in comparison to a 5 foot 9 inch tall man.

Nexus 2.0

Quick and agile with a radical edge
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Big enough for real-kite performance, small enough to pack in a suitcase, the Nexus is an adrenaline-filled intro to sport kiting and we know it’ll get you hooked. Simple, rugged and affordable, the Nexus flies with the ease and control of a larger kite, with all the details that have made Prism the world’s leader in sport kite design.

The Nexus features a composite carbon/glass frame for instant response and great light-wind performance. The three-point turbo bridle offers easy adjustment for a wide range of wind. Solid carbon leading edge spars are incredibly tough but light, so you can survive those unplanned landings but still fly easily in a great wind range.

Speedier and sportier than a full-size kite, the Nexus will still get you started on a range of stunts and introduce you to the world of trick flying. Comes complete with low-stretch Dyneema lines, winder, flight straps and a handy travel sleeve that’s small enough to bring along every time you head out for a getaway.

New features for the latest version 2.0 of our classic dual liner:

  • Improved sail shape for increased stability in light wind
  • Fresh graphics and colors
  • Backwards compatible frame and fittings- parts are interchangeable with version 1.0
  • Top loading sleeve with lineset pouch keeps things tidy for travel
  • Sleeve rolls up tiny to clip on your belt loop or bag while you fly.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Great intro to stunt kites!

    We bought one of these at the local toy store and didn’t really know what we were getting. Fast forward to our trip to the ocean this week, we pulled it out of the bag, easily assembled it and figured out how it worked in minutes. Great fun for the whole family and much more exciting and interactive than the typical “standing” single line beach kites.

    Wind Probe
    Kite rehabbed my shoulder

    I used to fly stunt kites with my dad when I was a kid, then life got in the way. I got back into it again 3 years ago appreciating the modern technology that is designed into these kites. They are so much lighter and faster than earlier years. I currently have the Nexus and love it. I fly it all the time and have learned many advanced maneuvers with it. I also enjoy the excersise and the feedback I recieve from the kite.

    So I had a shoulder injury last summer. Long story short, this kite completely rehabbed my shoulder, by forcing the shoulder through the required range of motion. The kite had just enough pull on the shoulder in light to moderate winds to heal my up properly. I bet most physical therapists have no idea how successful sport kite flying is in rehabbing injury to the body. Sport kite flying is also a great workout. Thanks Prism!

    Another Awesome Kite

    So, now that I’m hooked on flying stunt kites, and have had so much fun with my Quantum 2.0 kite, I decided to buy a couple more Prism kites and starting with the Nexus 2.0.

    After waiting all day for FedEx to arrive with the goods, the Nexus 2.0 arrived, and I had about 45 minutes of daylight left, so I took it for a spin in good wind and whoa mama! This is a seriously fun kite!

    This kite launches like a little rocket and while it doesn’t pull nearly as hard as the big Quantum 2.0, it is a lot faster, a lot sharper, more responsive and it cuts through the sky very smoothly. If the Quantum 2.0 flies like a Corvette drives, the Nexus 2.0 is an F-1 racer because it’s fast and aggressive.

    The design is a little bit more minimalist compared to the Quantum 2.0 but you can still adjust the bridle, and because the kite is so light, it flies well in lower winds. If anything, this is also a kite that a young person can fly and control without getting pulled around.

    This is my third Prism Kite and as has always been the case with Prism Kites, I’m enjoying it thoroughly and would highly recommend this kite to anyone.

    Larry Palzer

    I like this kite because I can put it in the backseat of my car without having to fold up the wings. I've had it for two or three years and have only had to replace the leading edge fittings. That is because I have crashed it quite often in some pretty heavy winds.

    great first stunt kite

    This kite changed my life!
    The first time i flew it I had no idea what fun was in store.
    I've been a kite junkie ever since. My son and I found something we both love w/ this kite. BTW We've been flying it for 15 years! we've broken some sticks here and there (easily replaced them) but the kite itself still flies like new. Getting that bird shredding in strong wind and hearing those strings sing is such a thrill. We add the tube tail for a little extra show.
    It always draws a crowd at the beach and occasionally applause!
    LOVE IT!