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Synapse 140

Speedy but forgiving when the wind comes up
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Guaranteed to thrill, the Synapse 140 delivers adrenaline-filled speed and agility with dual-line control. Perfect for beginners, it comes ready to fly and stuffs into a compact pouch to take with you anywhere.

The high-aspect wing steers like a sports car with fingertip accuracy but it’s stable and forgiving enough for new pilots. The all-fabric design means there’s no frame to damage and no assembly required. Just unroll the sail, unwind your lines and let the wind do the rest!

The 140 flies best in moderate to strong winds and comes complete with polyester flying lines, flight straps and line winder in a compact drawstring pouch.

    Customer Reviews

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    Super Fast Fun & Convenient Too!

    This is such a great foil kite for getting into two-line control and more. It's incredibly fast to get going, no assembly at all, just drag your line out and launch! Flying this kite is super fun at every wind speed I've encountered - it gets super zippy at times and looks fantastic. Thanks to the small area it's manageable and fun in gusts and has a light pull. Relaunching is usually pretty easy, often times without even having to reset the kite. There's nothing to break and it packs away super fast.

    It's definitely an entryway to collecting kites or even getting into power. I've already picked up a Synapse 200 to take advantage of slower winds, and might be trying out a 3.5m power kite soon, but I don't think I'll ever leave the 140 at home.

    wonderful beginner kite

    This is the first and only stunt kite I own. It is so much fun to fly. Packs small enough it is easy to fit in my bike bag, and the lack of rigid supports also makes me less worried when I accidentally crash too close to someone. It flies well in very high wind and relatively low wind. Sturdy too - I have pulled it out of bushes and briar-filled grass, but still no damage. I especially love to fly paired with a tube tail. There is only 1 center tail attachment, so I sewed attachment points on the corners and fly with 3 tails on extremely windy days. It is a stunning kite that draws the eyes of all whenever it is in the air.

    Matt O
    Compact and Fun!

    I have two of these. They're fun to lean with and they're great for smaller kids, in particular. The compact form is really convenient. It's a great size for a backpack or carryon when I'm traveling.

    It's true that they're more reliant on stronger, more constant winds than larger versions. Because of the smaller size, they're more prone to collapsing in crosswinds or at the edge of the wind window, too. In higher winds, it has no problem pulling a 75 foot tube tail, and it will still move fast enough to make flying it a rush!

    The lines do the job, but it's fair to say that you lose some responsiveness due the polyester stretching. So, it's a great choice for a compact, sturdy stunt kite but between the additional surface area/pull and the upgraded lines, I'd seriously consider the 170 if you can afford to step up one level.

    Hooked me in a hurry

    This kite surprised me with just how much fun it is. I honestly thought that parafoils might be a little boring to fly in the trick department (not that I'm great at those anyway), and the potential pull factor had me a little nervous. My local outdoor sports store had this line on a sale I couldn't really pass on, and I'm glad I didn't. The first time I had it out I spent the whole time doing ground passes just for the awesome pull, which, as the other reviewer has mentioned, was surprisingly fun. It zips through turns and is absolutely not boring (though I have to agree I wish it had different lines). I also have to admit that after one outing all I could think was "Man, I should have bought the bigger one!"

    Overall, it's a good quality kite, packs well, and you can fly it easily in relaxation or thrill mode.

    Great Kite: Should Come With Better Line

    Flies well in a variety of wind conditions. It's an engaging and adrenaline-inducing fly in a compact package - works well for smaller spaces due to the shorter line length. Packs well, sets up easily. The handling is quick as advertised, and boy can this kite take a beating. I've driven it straight into the ground enough to paint its bridle lines green with grass stains, but it keeps on flying and has yet to be damaged. Because it doesn't pull too hard, it's easy enough to relax while flying for a trance-like experience.

    However: In hindsight, I would've gone one size up - both for a little more pull (this kite pulls some, but I didn't anticipate how much I'd enjoy the sensation), but primarily for the included Dyneema lines. The polyester lines included with the 140 are a poor choice for anyone looking to progress and grow with the kite - the outer "sheathing" on mine broke due to a twist or kink after one high-wind outing, which meant I had to spend additional money on a higher quality Dyneema lineset (which works and feels great).

    It's disappointing that for the combined price I paid, I could've just gone one size up to the 170 and avoided this hassle. This is a fantastic kite to fly, but if this is your first dual-liner (as it was for me), get the Synapse 170 instead for included lines you can progress on.