Synapse 170
Synapse 170 package with flying lines
Synapse 170 in flight
Synapse 170 being flown in Alaska
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Synapse 170

Perfect for learning dual-line basics
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If fast and zippy sounds fun but you but want a little more kite than the 140, the Synapse 170 delivers. The larger wing gives it more pull and the included Dyneema flying lines are ultra low stretch compared to polyester, giving you fingertip response and instant control.

Stable and forgiving enough for new pilots, the 170 is also big enough to pull a long tube tail in moderate to strong winds. With no assembly required and no frame to break, it’s the perfect choice when you’re short on space and can only bring one kite along.

Flies in a wider wind range than the 140 and comes ready to fly with no assembly required- just unfold the sail, unwind the lines and let the wind take you for a ride. Includes ultra low-stretch Dyneema flying lines, flight straps and line winder in a compact drawstring pouch.

    Customer Reviews

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    my first parafoil kite and I LOVE it! Awesome power when the wind fills the parafoil! Add a 75’ tail to it and people stop to watch the show! I have the Synapse 170 and I just want to say the engineers got this kite right!! I can’t wait to buy a bigger one or at least go to the next size bigger!! Very high performance kite no doubt!!!

    This one’s a winner

    Synapse 170 is a blast to fly. Just the right amount of speed and pull. Very easy to control for a new kite flyer, with enough maneuverability for the experienced flyer too. It does have a wide wind range, and has flown well in winds that I thought would have been too light. It’s very stable, even at the very edges of the wind widow. Of course, when the winds do start blowing… hold on tight!!!


    I just realized I never reviewed this kite. So, I've had it for 3 years, fly it about once a month in all conditions feasible. She handles like a dream, pulls like a mule, and always brings a crowd around. I got replacement lines a year ago but she's still flying strong on the originals. In good winds she'll handle up to a 45' tail which adds to the "oh's and ahh's"