A blue/green Synapse 200 against a while background
A blue/green Synapse 200 flying against a cloudless blue sky
A blue/green Synapse 200 flying toward the right with trees and a cloudy blue sky behind it
A composite photo showing the packaged blue/green Synapse 200 next to a set of dual-line flying lines on a winder
Promotional video of Synapse kites in flight

Synapse 200

Smooth and precise with solid pull
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With any kite, the bigger the wing the more you’ll feel the power of the wind. The 200 is the biggest of the three Synapses and when the wind comes up it’s got enough pull to give you a workout! When the breeze is light that extra sail area will keep it aloft when smaller kites are struggling.

The larger wing also makes it a little slower in flight. So you get more time to react and more feedback through the lines, especially in lighter winds when you need extra sensitivity to feel the controls.

Comes ready to fly with no assembly required. Includes ultra low-stretch Dyneema flying lines, flight straps and line winder in a compact drawstring pouch.

    Customer Reviews

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    Responsive in wide range of winds

    I was hooked on the Synapse 140 but wanted something to fly in slower winds at the park nearby - the 200 size is great for this. It takes quite a lull for this kite to stall, it feels like a much wider flyable envelope is available. Even with very slight winds I was able to launch just by walking backwards. It's super fun when it picks up too. The pull is stronger but the speed is definitely still there.

    Best all round

    I live in London, UK, the wind here is choppy and can change direction/orientation quick quickly. This kite is the best to fly in these conditions.

    Accessible to manoeuvre, easy to take off. The surface area is good enough to catch sudden changes in the wind.

    It's light and easy to carry in my laptop bag, so when I am on lunch break, I can go to the park and enjoy flight a kite

    Great for beginners

    My first foil kite was a Prism Synapse 140. It was really fun to fly but I wanted more of a pull. So I purchased this Synapse 200 as well. This kite is great for beginners because it is so forgiving while you are learning how to fly a two line kite. Once you get the technique of flying it down, you can practically have it up for as long as you want. The larger size also gives you more reaction time, especially when you add on the attention grabbing 75' tube tail.

    I also love how all of these kites collapse down to the small carrying bag. I can easily carry everything I need for both kites in a standard backpack. Right now I need a second person to help me to launch. But I will be practicing on self launching this coming season.

    Brenda Howard
    Kite review

    This is my go-to kite. It is always in my car, ready to fly on the spur of the moment. Its not too big and not too small. it is easy to fly and very responsive.