Tantrum 220
Tantrum 220 packaging
Tantrum control bar with line
Close up of Tantrum control bar
Tantrum 220 in flight
Tantrum 220 flying in snow
Tantrum 220 flying in Alaska
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Tantrum 220

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How strong is the wind? Better hang on. Designed specifically for dual-line bar control. Tantrum parafoils are speedy, rugged, and a blast to fly… and you’ll be digging your heels in as the breeze comes up.

Perfect trainers for traction kiting, kiteboarding, or all-around fun, they’ll give you solid kite handling skills with a control bar before you take on the serious pull of a full-sized water or traction kite. In stronger winds, the Tantrum’s low-drag airfoil delivers impressive speed and more than enough power to drag you down the beach with an adrenaline-stoked grin.

The Tantrum 220 is smaller than the 250, making it speedier with less pull. It’s perfect for smaller pilots or stronger winds. 

The bigger Tantrum 250 pulls harder with a little less speed. It’s great for heavier pilots and flies more easily in lighter winds. It also turns a little slower, giving you more time to react and fly precisely.

Be sure to use the included safety leash: If things get too wild just let go of the bar. The kite will depower and settle safely to the ground while still tethered to your wrist.

Both sizes deliver solid pull in moderate to strong winds but still fly easily in light to moderate winds. They come ready to fly with Dyneema lines pre-attached, control bar with safety leash, travel bag and Instructions. Just unfold the sail, unwind the lines and get ready to hang on!

    Customer Reviews

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    Christopher T.
    An absolute blast!

    This kite is so much fun...

    I've been flying stunt kites for the better part of four decades and the Tantrum has been my go to for years. In fact, it was my son's introduction into flying stunt kites, and I've since given my Tantrum to him!

    Responsive in light winds and exciting in strong winds. I would recommend this kite to anyone.

    Matt O
    My favorite kite

    I've purchased roughly 30 kites in the last couple of years. The Tantrum 220 was only the second of those, but I use it the most. It is very sturdy, can take a beating, and the size is ideal for me. In higher winds, it generates enough pull that I (220 lbs) have to lean back to keep from being tugged off balance. For that reason, I would only recommend it for use by a full grown adult if the wind is approaching 15 mph or so. That pull makes it fun, though, and a bit of a workout! I've had it pull a 190 foot tube tail (made from 4 chained Prism tails) before.

    A benefit of the size is that it's not very susceptible to cross-wind collapse, unlike smaller stunt foils. The roughly 7 foot width means it will catch and hold the air at many angles.

    I understand that conventional wrist straps give a little more control, but I do like the bar. It is still comfortable in higher winds and it's easier to hand off to other pilots if you're sharing. It's really convenient for line storage, too.

    The kite is definitely easier to launch if you have a helper to hold and release it for you, but you can use objects to weigh the bottom edge down for solo takeoffs. I use a long bean bag I made from thrift store pants, but some people just use water bottles or some sand.