Tensor 4.2 Power kite with white background
Tensor control bar with kite killer wrist strap
Tensor power kite quad handles
Tensor 4.2 storage bag
Tensor storage bag detail
Tensor aluminum center joiner
Tensor flying line and control bar detail
Man flying Tensor on the beach
Man flying Tensor on the beach
Man flying Tensor power kite on the beach
Tensor 4.2 Power kite in flight

Tensor 4.2

Max versatility for most conditions
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Ready to try some serious pull with a wing you’ll never outgrow? The Tensor lets you choose dual or quad line control with no additional gear needed. The unique convertible control bar works in two-line mode as you learn, then converts to quad handles for the more precise power control and steering you’ll want for traction sports like buggying, snow kiting and landboarding.

The Tensor delivers serious power with easy inflation and forgiving handling. Comes in a sweet backpack all set up and ready to fly, with convertible control bar, safety leash and quick release, stainless ground stake and all lines pre-attached. Our detailed flight manual includes everything you’ll need to know to get the most out of this incredibly versatile wing.

If things get crazy, the central line with quick-release wrist leash provides a simple and effective safety system- just let go of the bar to instantly dump power. The kite will settle to the ground while still tethered to your wrist so you don’t risk losing it downwind.

Choose the 4.2 for great all-around performance in the widest wind range. It’s a bit quicker and more maneuverable than the 5.0 while remaining manageable in stronger winds.

Choose the 5.0 if you’re a bigger pilot, or if you fly regularly in lighter winds. It has the extra grunt you’ll want for buggies, snowboards and skis. But hang on stronger winds- it can be a beast if you don’t stay ahead of it!