Zenith 7
Zenith 7
Zenith 7 Aurora on white background
Zenith 7 bag, kite, tails, and winder
Zenith 7 Infrared on white background
Zenith 7
Zenith 7 Ultraviolet on white background
Zenith 7
Zenith 7
Zenith 7
Zenith 7
Two people flying Zenith 7 deltas in Alaska
Woman flying Zenith 7 delta in Alaska
Zenith 7
Zenith 7 Ultraviolet being held in the air
Zenith 7
Zenith 7 Aurora flying
Zenith 7 Infrared in flight
Zenith 7 Ultraviolet in flight

Zenith 7

Bigger is even better!
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The Zenith 7 is the perfect way to mark your spot in the great outdoors. It likes beaches, parks, mountain tops, and wide open spaces, with a high-tech look that can’t be missed anywhere there’s a breeze.

Its 7-foot wing has 80% more sail area than the Zenith 5, for a stronger pull that’s great for lifting extra tails, line laundry, or even a small action camera.

The frame has bungees in the spars like a tent pole, so they spring into place and stay put to make assembly a cinch. Comes with dual streamer tails and quality braided flying line on an easy-to-use hoop winder.

    Customer Reviews

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    Thomas Lepkowski
    Rock Star

    So much fun to setup and launch this kite with my kids. We just spent a day at the beach and this kite makes the perfect marker for our spot. Several people approached me to comment on what a cool kite. We have the Zenith 7 in orange/red colors with three long streamers. It's a pretty impressive spectacle at lower altitude, say around 150ft.

    Brushy Bill
    Great kite

    Been flying kites since the paper and wood kites of my youth in the early 60's.
    Lots of larger deltas than this one.
    It is by far the best quality kite I have ever owned.
    Unless I "Charlie Brown" it and put in a tall tree, it will be flying for years to come.
    While you can get 9 footers for less money, the slightly smaller Zenith 7 is a better buy hands down. If you like flying kites, you will not regret this purchase.
    I like to put it up, stick a couple tent stakes in the ground, and tie it off. Sit back and watch it fly, tending to it as needed.

    Ordered it along with the Bora7.
    Very happy with both.

    Matthew M in Iowa
    Zenith 7 in Iowa

    This is a big and beautiful kite in the air. I also bought the 20 tube tail for windy days. This kite launches very easily and goes up quickly. In inconsistent 5-10 mph breeze it can be touchy and the line can go slack and the kite can fall. Above 10 mph it is rock solid and flies high and proud. The build quality is typical Prism, top of the line. I just flew it at Clear Lake Iowa kite festival “Color Into Wind”. Wonderful event with hundreds of huge kites from all over the world. Check it out in the Midwest.

    Buy this kite and enjoy it for years!

    Zenith 7

    My Zenith 7th is truly awesome.
    I sit for hours at the beach watching this kite fly.
    It is a stable flying kite with or without a tail.
    And people always comment on how beautiful it is in the sky.
    I only buy Prism kites ,because they fly great .

    Zenith 7 is the Best Kite ever

    I have owned 6 prism kites over the past 10 years. The Zenith kites are definitely some not the best I have flown. They are well balanced and well sewn. Great quality products overall.

    The only challenge I faced is that the fibreglass spreader dries out and frays after a couple of years. It may be because of where I live is so dry, but a challenge nonetheless. I purchased a few extra for my kit just in case.

    My favourite kite is the small travel diamond that is very compact and allows me to kite where ever I travel.

    I which they would make Zenith 9 or 11 for more advanced flyers. I have been listing for 45 years and still do it three seasons of the year.