Zenith 5 Aurora on white background
Zenith 5 Infrared on white background
Zenith 5 Ultraviolet on white background
Three Zenith 5 deltas in flight
Zenith 5 snap on tail attachment detail
Three Zenith 5 deltas in packaging
Zenith 5 hoop winder attached to storage bag
Handsome man launching Zenith 5 at the beach
Man inspecting Zenith 5 in Alaska
Promotional video for Zenith Delta

Zenith 5

High-flying performance with a fresh new look
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It’s the next generation of our best selling, high flying 5-foot delta, with a fresh new look and a redesigned wing for extra stability on those days when the wind is gusty or turbulent.

Folds up to 21” so you can take it anywhere, with snap-on tails that will break free if you ever get them tangled in a tree.

Bungees inside the frame make it a cinch to assemble- rods snap into place like tent poles with no separate parts to lose in the grass. Prism quality and attention to detail throughout, with an easy-to-use hoop winder and quality braided flying line included.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Awesome first kite

    This is my first prism kite. I am new to flying kites. Very simple and easy to assemble. Launched with no issues. Had a blast.

    Excellent Flight

    Launches in a small breeze and easily gains height. Hard wind and it will climb directly over your head. I've had it up with 1,000 ft of line and it did it but seems happiest at 250 -400ft. Yesterday I got it up with almost no wind and it stayed up with almost no tug on the line surprising me as the wife's kite couldn't get off the ground and if it did would not fly. Lose wind and instead of diving the Zenith 5 just floats down. Easy breakdown into a small, included bag.
    Suitable for all ages and skills. 5 Stars

    Easy to Fly, Easy to Love!

    Our Zenith 5 is the best kite I see at the park and beach for simple fun.
    The kids love it.
    It’s so easy to get airborne and assemble
    and will float without effort, for hours.
    No running to get it started or crash landings.
    We usually just tie it off to a chair.
    It’s durable and easily stored in the handy bag it comes in.
    It’s always in the car for use anytime.

    Easy to launch and Flay

    The Zenith 5 cones with a carry pouch and is easily assembled. You do not need a lot of wind to get this kite in the air. It is stable and is a great kite to learn with.

    I take the kite to an outdoor program where we introduce individuals to kite flying.

    fun kite, easy to fly in light winds

    I use this kite as to practice and learn wind currents as I windsurf with a much larger kite. This kite flies were well handles easily. Easy to launch and fly in the light winds that are typical of West TN. Kite is relatively stable and gives me an idea of where the wind currents are to use my much larger windsurf kite/sails.