Blue 4D Superlight stunt kite on white background
4D Graphite Superlight stunt kite on white background
Throwback 4D Superlight stunt kite on white background
Seafoam 4D Superlight stunt kite on white background
Close-up of 4D superlight wingtip
Close-up of 4D Superlight spine
Three 4D Superlight stunt kites in storage cases
Detail shot of 4D Superlight in storage case
Graphite 4D Superlight stunt kite in sky
Throwback 4D Superlight stunt kite in sky
Seafoam 4D Superlight stunt kite in sky
A diagram illustrating the size of the 4D Superlight in comparison to a 5 foot 9 inch tall man.

4-D Superlight

No Wind? No Problem!
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Anywhere, anytime, the 4-D flies when all your other kites are on the ground. It's light. Just 70 grams. Light enough to fly by walking backwards in the barest breeze, or even indoors. The wing is nicely balanced for graceful freestyle flying and remains buoyant in fluky wind. It floats on the breeze with precision and balance, with fingertip control that’s guaranteed to refine your flying style.

Got some wind? No problem. The 4-D is super light, but not super fragile and it's as happy to fly in 10 mph as it is in 0. It has a high-modulus solid carbon frame that you can practically tie in a knot without breaking. The sail is made with ultralight polyester and lightweight Mylar laminate. Limiters on the bridle prevent over- or under- tuning the kite for the wind so you don't miss the sweet spot. The frame breaks down to 23" and comes in a sweet padded case. Comes with a 50# x 50ft Dyneema lineset, the perfect weight and length for optimal response and limited drag. If you like to fly inside, there's room in the case for a second, shorter lineset so you can hone your skills on those dark winter days.

    Customer Reviews

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    ideal para poco viento (Light or little wind)

    Viento ligero o poco, es la cometa ideal! Recomiendo que hayas volado previamente otras cometas más grandes porque esta requiere habilidades de control y movimientos más delicados.
    Light or little wind, it is the ideal kite! I recommend that you have previously flown other larger kites because this requires more delicate control skills and movements.

    James Ray Arnold
    Versatile, very portable, and tons of fun, even for a beginner

    I bought this at the same time I bought the Hypnotist; my first dual line stunt kites. Although I love the hypnotist, learning at and needing the higher wind speed proved a bit difficult. I did a ton of learning with the 4D, actually. Because it’s frame is more fragile to keep the weight down, this may seem counter intuitive, or counter to its intention. In my case, I added short, and even the long tube tail as the wind picked up. As the wind starts to die down in the evening, you can downsize the tube tail from long to the short tube, and then no tube- a nice sunset closer. Performs loops no problem with the tail. I also felt safer having a lighter kite with shorter lines if there were instances where someone would wander within range. It doesn’t hurt to spend a little bit on some spare parts since it is a very minimalistic and lightweight. Unlike the Hypnotist, it’s not designed for crashing very often or at high speed; a note for beginners, or those teaching kiddos. Great color-ways, as well. And I have 2 of them now. Enjoy!

    Fun but too small

    It flies nice in little to no wind. If your delicate with it will do nice axels etc. but it’s too small. I wish Prism still made a full size SUL. SUL Version of a hypnotist would be cool or even a quantum.

    Light air? No Problem!

    Bought this kite last spring for the summer flying season at the beach. Problem was that, until later in the day when it picks up, wind in the mornings is often so light my other kites will not stay aloft.

    Now, as long as there is at least a little breeze, I can get some air time in before the beach gets crowded with people.

    The other advantage is that, with shorter lines and gentle inputs, I can really see how the kite is reacting as I am learning new tricks. And when I can't launch after a landing, its a much shorter walk than with my larger kites :-)

    If you do not have a light-air kite in your collection, this is a great one to add!

    Light breeze lift your spirits fun

    Flies when other kites won’t. This is a gem to have handy when the wind goes down. It flies well and is fun to fly since it’s very responsive. My only minor complaint is that it’s a little fragile. I had to order some new wing spar parts. Easy to fix though.