Bora 7 Frost on white background
Bora 7 Jade on white background
Bora 7 Blaze on white background
Three boras in packaging on white background
The Bora 7 parafoils flying in a group
Bora 7 Jade begin launched in Alaska
Two Bora 7 parafoils being flown in Alaska
Bora 7

Bora 7

Mark your spot with a long flowing tail
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The Bora is an easy-to-fly soft foil that flies straight from your hand and stuffs into a lunchbox or backpack when you’re done. Perfect for hanging out in Antarctica, the South Pacific, or your local park. The long flowing tail ensures you’ll be seen from a mile away.

The Bora is easy to handle and quick to launch. Just attach the string and let the wind fill the sail – there’s nothing to put together with no parts to lose.

Hold on in a breeze! The seven square foot sail has a solid pull and can lift small objects like a GoPro camera or some tube tails attached to the line.

The Bora 7 flies best in moderate winds but with no frame to it can handle stronger winds too. Comes with braided flying line on an easy-to-use hoop winder.

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