Diagram showing location of the Nexus Upper Leading Edge on the kite.
Nexus Upper Leading Edge

Nexus Upper Leading Edge

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On this kite, the leading edge is divided into two different spars. The top spar is the "Upper" leading edge. Replacement upper leading edges come from Prism cut to the correct length with new ferrules, caps and stops already attached. All you need to do is wiggle the broken one out and slide the new one in. If you're ordering a leading edge, be sure to take a close look at your bridle. If it's worn or fraying, now would be the perfect time to get a replacement as you'll be doing most of the hard work needed to put a new bridle on the frame when you replace your spar.

Fits the Nexus 2.0 as well as the older, 'standard' Nexus (non-2.0 version).