Pocket Flyer Inferno on white background
Pocket Flyer Electric on white background
Pocket Flyer Ultraviolet on white background
Three Pocket Flyers flying in a group
Parent and child flying Pocket Flyer at a park
Two men flying Pocket Flyers at the beach
Parent and child flying Pocket Flyer next to playground
Three Pocket Flyers in packaging
Example of packaged size compared to adult hand
Example of packaged size vs adult hand with winder showing
Pocket Flyer

Pocket Flyer

Packable enough to take with you anywhere
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A great starter kite doesn’t get easier or simpler than this- just pop it out of the pouch, clip on the line and fly! The Pocket Flyer fits in a pocket or glove box so you’re ready for flight wherever adventure takes you. The all-fabric design makes it super durable so you can hand it to anyone to try, and single line control keeps things easy without the learning curve of a dual-line kite.

With no assembly required, it comes ready to fly with quality braided line and a compact hoop winder that fits nicely in small hands. The unique forked tail provides extra stability in unsteady winds and marks your spot with an eye-catching splash of moving color from far away. Makes a perfect gift for all ages.

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