Zephyr (Blemish)
Zephyr (Blemish)
Zephyr (Blemish)

Zephyr (Blemish)

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These kites are being offered at a discount because they have minor cosmetic blemishes, travel sleeves may not match kite color, and DO NOT include flying lines, but they will perform just as well as any “A” quality kite sold elsewhere on our site. Cosmetic defects might include:

  • Sail stains. Typically only noticeable up close, and not when in flight.
  • Imperfect stitching that does not meet our visual standards, but will not impact performance.
  • Missing or misaligned screen printing on the kite’s sail.
  • Mismatched storage bag (different color/model)
  • Signs of use (sand, dirt smudges, etc) as a result of having been test flown by our team.
  • Other minor cosmetic issues that do not impede the use of the kite.
Printed instructions may not be included, but product manuals are available online through our Flight Center. Bargain Bin products are sold as-is and are not eligible for warranty or return. Product may be marked with a “Cosmetic Blemish” stamp.

The Prism Zephyr Stunt Kite is designed for pilots who appreciate the finesse of flying in lighter winds and the subtler finger and wrist control it requires. While not a fragile ultralight for zero wind flying, the Zephyr is perfect for those lighter, sweeter winds, and will stall, slide, and maneuver gracefully at the edges of the envelope. The Zephyr is beautifully balanced, as comfortable floating on its back as it is in a stall. The same hand-wrapped graphite spars we use in our top-end competition kites give a masterful touch. Highly maneuverable in all attitudes, perform the most challenging moves with utter control. Spine weight not included.