Mentor 2.5 & 3.5


Water relaunchable power kite with three-line bar control for land, snow or water.

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What can you do with the power of the wind? The Mentor delivers high performance power that’s easy to control and incredibly versatile. Pilot a kite buggy, a land board, a paddleboard, or just lay tracks on the beach with the soles of your feet. It’s a great intro to traction kiting without the complexity and expense of four line control. With one-way air inlet valves and leading edge profile supports the wing maintains its internal pressure and 3D shape for smooth, forgiving control even in light or gusty winds.

Three-line control lets you instantly put the kite in reverse and back it to the ground or water for easy relaunch without a helper. If you crash on water the kite will happily float while you recover. That means you can fly safely on narrow beaches where your wind window is over the water, or jump in and play with body dragging, paddleboarding or all kinds of other wet fun. The third line with quick-release leash also provides a simple and effective safety system- just let go of the bar to instantly de-power if things get out of hand.

Comes ready to fly with everything you need (except wind): low-stretch Dyneema lines, control bar and safety system, easy-to-pack compression bag, even a stainless ground stake to secure the rig when you need a break. Beautifully crafted by the kite experts at Prism Designs. With 25 years in flight, we’re committed to sharing the joy of kites with exquisitely designed, long-lasting products and all the info and support you need to have a blast in the wind.

Tips & Resources

What are the differences between framed and foil kites?

Foil kites are made from fabric only, with inflatable chambers that create a wing shape from air pressure in the air inlets as they fly. They are similar to paragliders and ram-air parachutes in their construction. Ram air foils are not as responsive and maneuverable as framed kites, but they are more forgiving, require no assembly, and have no rigid parts that could be damaged in a hard crash. While larger foils can pull incredibly hard in stronger winds, they can’t do the wide range of aerobatic tricks that a framed kite can. So they’re better suited for the fun of getting pulled around in stronger winds, or learning two-line basics with a forgiving wing that will put you in control as quickly as possible.

Framed sport kites have a fixed wing shaped by sailcloth stretched across a rigid fiberglass or carbon fiber frame. They are typically more responsive and capable of a wide variety of tricks once you learn basic control. Trick flying with framed kites gets addictive- with a good kite you can enjoy years of fun mastering more and more difficult tricks.

Will they lift me into the air?

Kites are not aircraft and they are not designed to safely pull you into the air. But in strong winds our larger foils can easily pull you over or drag you on your feet, a buggy, landboard, snowboard or skis.

Can you re-launch a crashed foil without a helper?

Yes. If you’re flying with a control bar, pull on the center safety line and the kite will lift backwards off the ground. If you have quad handles, pull on the brake lines to back the kite into the air.

How do I get beach sand or water out of the kite?

The TantrumTensor, and Mentor include Velcro sand drains in the sail to release sand and water from the chambers. Smaller kites are easy to hold upside down and shake out the inlets.

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